About Jason

Jason Davis brings over 20 years of consulting, corporate finance, commercial banking, and executive leadership experience to New West Home & Ranch Realty. Having previously served as a multiple-time CEO, management consultant, startup Founder, commercial finance expert, and US intelligence officer, he is well equipped to navigate even the most complex of real estate transactions and is committed to delivering unparalleled client service.

His accomplished professional career began in Washington D.C. as an intelligence officer in the wake of 9/11 and his professional expertise was further forged in a blue-chip management consulting firm serving Fortune 100 companies. He was the Founder and CEO of his own boutique management consulting firm and during his career served such distinguished clients as HSBC, Bank Santander, American Express, Western Union, Federal Reserve Board of Governors, US Treasury Department, classified US intelligence agencies, and numerous Silicon Valley technology startups. Jason holds a BS from Texas A&M, MBA from the University of Maryland, and MS in Finance from the University of Maryland.

In addition to supporting corporate Board Rooms and executive offices, Jason spent his earliest years working in the ranches and recreational outdoor lands of the American West and has roamed the mountains and valleys of Montana since the late 1990’s as a wilderness guide and avid outdoorsman. His unique combination of experience makes him well-versed in the realities of agricultural production, joys of recreational access, and complexities associated with asset transactions, private finance, and investment due diligence.

Jason is professional, patient, organized, and serves as his client’s strongest advocate. He is an active member of the Northwest Montana Association of Realtors and his top priority is to provide an incomparable level of service in each and every transaction. He is exceptionally proud to be associated with New West Home & Ranch Realty, where he serves as a second-generation real estate professional.

Jason resides in Kalispell, MT with his wife and three children and is deeply grateful to call Montana home.

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